gSearch is freely available only to users from academic institutions/non-profit organizations. All commercial users are required to purchase a license.


Platform Download
Red Hat (Fedora, CentOS, Enterprise), Ubuntu Linux 32 bit Download
Red Hat (Fedora, CentOS, Enterprise), Ubuntu Linux 64 bit Download
OS X Lion 64 bit Download

Source Code

Please contact Kyu-Baek Hwang for obtaining the source code.

Sample Reference Files

Name Download
Allele frequency of European population from the 1000 Genomes Project Download
Allele frequency from the 1000 Genomes Project (version 3, April 2012) Download
Conserved transcription factor binding sites (UCSC tfbConsSites table) Download
Gene annotation in GFF3 (GRCh37.66 from Ensembl) Download

Sample Input Files

A dataset of 17 whole-genome sequences (CEPH/Utah Pedigree 1463 data) prepared using Complete Genomics technology was downloaded from the Bionimbus website. The variant files were converted to GVF format for gSearch. Kaviar is a database of known human variants. The November 2011 version with 53 million variants were converted to GVF format.

File Download
ceph_utah_pedigree_1463.tar.gz (all 17 genomes) Download
GS12877.gvf.gz Download
GS12878.gvf.gz Download
GS12879.gvf.gz Download
GS12880.gvf.gz Download
GS12881.gvf.gz Download
GS12882.gvf.gz Download
GS12883.gvf.gz Download
GS12884.gvf.gz Download
GS12885.gvf.gz Download
GS12886.gvf.gz Download
GS12887.gvf.gz Download
GS12888.gvf.gz Download
GS12889.gvf.gz Download
GS12890.gvf.gz Download
GS12891.gvf.gz Download
GS12892.gvf.gz Download
GS12893.gvf.gz Download
kaviar.111121.hg18.gvf.gz Download
kaviar.111121.hg19.gvf.gz Download